What are the site requirements? How much space do I need?

Outdoor Setup:

For optimal setup, a flat grassy area is preferred, but a solid surface is acceptable (must be free from loose gravel, rocks, etc.). Direct drive-up access is required to avoid extra fees; however, hand-carrying equipment up to 100ft is permissible without charge—distances beyond incur fees based on time. Additional fees may also apply for parking or access issues encountered on the day. The host must ensure the area is clear of debris, animal waste, and rocks, and may be subject to additional fees if cleaning is necessary. Sprinkler systems should be off prior to and during the event. It is the hosts’s responsibility to know all local requirements, secure necessary permits, and permissions for the event.

Indoor Setup:

For indoor setups with direct external access (vehicle can pull up to access door) We offer hand-carrying of equipment up to 100ft. However, indoor setups lacking direct external access for delivery vehicles or hand carrying over 100ft will incur additional fees based on the time required for setup and removal. The host is responsible for providing appropriate coverings for delicate setup surfaces. Our truss reaches lengths of 18 feet and cannot easily be maneuvered around corners or through tight spaces.