Advanced Flip Side Ninjas

Our Intermediate & Advanced Flip Side Ninjas class is for our ninjas that have completed our Flip Side Ninja program and have passed the strength/skill requirements to join. This class is designed to continue to safely push our ninjas to their limits, and beyond! Each stage will unlock new and more difficult obstacles as they progress!

Our program has produced several top 10 national finalists as well as semi-finalists and finalists on American Ninja Warrior/Jr.


Advanced classes are invite or tryout only and will cover stages 3 to 10.


What To Expect:

Each session includes:

  • Skill level based lessons for moving up to the next stage.
  • Instruction from enthusiastic coaches with years of coaching/competition experience.
  • Fun and challenging physical activity.
  • Every ninja will be awarded a wristband for completing each stage.



What We Teach:

Through our structured stages our ninjas:

  • Learn balance and coordination
  • Build grip and upper body strength
  • Learn teamwork and proper competitive behavior
  • Learn advanced swinging techniques and body control
  • Build confidence and overcome fears of competing
  • Learn competition skills like planning and strategy



 Monthly Payment - $89