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Upcoming Regional Competitions

Flip Side will be sending a coach for a majority of the regional World Ninja League (WNL) & Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competitions. A coach will only be present for your division if we are emailed that you are attending. Coach attendance will be updated here. Please read up and be familiar with league info @ worldninjaleague.org or ultimateninja.net


May 5th - Next Level Gym | UNAA | ultimateninja.net | Regionals | FS Coach Pending

May 20/21 - Ultimate Ninjas St. Louis | WNL Tier 1 | ultimateninjas.com/st_louis | Regionals | FS Coach Pending

May 28 - Flip Side Ninja Park | Fun Comp | beginner/intermediate difficulty | Open to the public


June 10 - Republic Warrior Sports | UNAA Regionals | Regionals Qualified Only | FS Coach Pending

June 23-25 - World Ninja League Finals | WNL Tier 1 | Finals Qualified Only | FS Coach Pending


FS Fun Competition

Sunday, May 28th

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm