Teen/Adult | Family Open gym

Open Gym is a post class open gym for our older ninjas (Ages 13+) ready to take on all of the obstacles the gym has to offer!

Younger ninjas (Ages 5+) are allowed, but must be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES.

What to expect

You will be free to conquer any and all of the obstacles at your pace and as you choose!

  • *If it is your first visit, you will get a tour of the gym and obstacles.
  • Our coaches will be available at all times to assist, give tips, and help with any questions you may have.
  • Enjoy exploring again! The amount of obstacle course variations is countless.


Family Open Gym

Everyone will have full access to the gym with additional rules for safety.

  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian AT ALL TIMES while on the floor
  • Children must use obstacles as intended (ex: no hanging from the wingnuts by their legs)
  • We reserve the right to restrict any students from Open Gym for not following instructions or unsafe behavior
  • Parents/Guardians of children that are members train for FREE




Drop-In ($15)

5 Class Punch Card ($55)


Monthly | Unlimited ($75)

Memberships include OCR and UNLIMITED Open Gym (weekends included)