Flip Side Ninjas


Are you ready to be a Flip Side Ninja?! This 13-week class is designed to take our youth ninjas (ages 5 to 14) from beginners to obstacle masters! To become a true Flip Side Ninja, our junior ninjas must complete our stages (just like the tv show!).  Our instructors will guide each ninja through various exercises, basic parkour/freerunning techniques, and obstacles to lay a strong foundation of skills to build on week by week. Every few weeks the ninjas will be tested on stage courses/challenges and awarded for completion.

What happens when the semester is over? For those that have flown through our program and are interested in advanced training and competition we have competitive ninja classes. These classes have strength/ability requirements and students must tryout to join. Our Flip Side Ninjas semester is designed to be repeated for those who aren't quite ready for competitive classes but wish to continue their ninja training and hone in on the foundational skills it takes to advance. Please let us know if you have any questions!

What to expect

Each session includes:

  • Age-appropriate, structured lesson plans.
  • Instruction from enthusiastic coaches with years of coaching experience.
  • Fun and challenging physical activity.
  • Every ninja will receive a FSNP Semester T-shirt.
  • Every ninja will be awarded a wristband for completing each stage.
  • An unforgettable, fun, and adventurous Ninja Warrior experience.

What We Do:

Through our structured curriculum our Ninjas:

  • Learn balance and coordination
  • Build grip and upper body strength
  • Learn teamwork and proper competitive behavior
  • Learn swinging techniques and body control
  • Build confidence and overcome fears
  • Learn goal setting and mental focus

Semester Dates

Summer Semester 2020 - 10 weeks - June 3 to Aug. 8

Fall Semester 2020 - 13 weeks - Aug. 17 to Nov. 14

Winter Semester 2020-21 - 13 weeks - Nov. 16 to Feb. 20

Spring Semester 2021 - 13 weeks - Feb. 22 to May 29




20% off for 2nd family member

30% off for 3rd+ family member

10% off home-school classes

10% off teacher/first-responder/military


*Please put in the type of discount when registering


Fall/Winter/Spring Semester (13-weeks):

$95 - Monthly Payments (3)

$265 - Paid in Full

Summer Semester (10-weeks):

$75 - Monthly Payments (3)

$210 - Paid in Full

Cancellation Policy

We will offer a FULL REFUND to all new ninjas who decide within the first two weeks that this class is not for them. Beyond that, this class is a semester-long commitment as we cannot add new students later in the semester since the curriculum progresses with each class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child needs to take medications or has severe allergies?

We cannot take responsibility for, or administer any medication. If your child has severe allergies or must take medication during class email flipsideninjapark@gmail.com

What if my child is on the spectrum for autism or has special needs?

We want ninja to be a sport for all abilities and will do our best to help. Please give us a call or e-mail flipsideninjapark@gmail.com for more information.

What is your behavior policy?

Flip Side will provide a fun, safe, and positive environment for our students. This means we expect all participants to behave and be respectful of others.

Poor conduct, horseplay, bullying, or not following instructions will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to cancel any student’s session, with no refund, if he or she cannot behave appropriately.

What is your inclement weather policy?

As everyone knows, the weather can be crazy here! If we are unable to open the gym due to weather, the class skills and obstacles that were missed will be integrated into the following week’s class. If the gym is open and you are unable to safely make it in, please give us a call and we’ll try and reschedule that class.

What if we miss a day and need to make up?

We allow two make-up days a semester. To use your make-up days, please let us know ahead of time when possible that your child will be missing class. We will have him/her come to another class that same week as the curriculum progresses week by week. We do not schedule make-up classes the following week as it is a completely new class from the one they missed. Our coaches will do their best to catch them up when they return.

What is your primary form of communication?

Our primary form of communication is email. If you haven’t seen an email from us or are unsure if the correct email address is on file, please let us check for you. We will also post important information on our Facebook page, The Flip Side Forecast, and on our website Flipsideninja.com

What happens if my class is on a holiday?

If your child comes to class on Mondays, he/she will not have class on Memorial Day. We will use the following Saturday as a make-up day for these students. We will be open for every other holiday. If you are going to miss class due to a holiday we are open for, please plan accordingly if you wish to have your child make up his/her absence.