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**Athletic shoes/attire must be worn for all of our activities!**

For shoes, we recommend the New Balance Zante, and New Balance in Rogers will give you 15% off a pair if you mention that you're a Flip Side Ninja Park member





We're offering the ONLY full American Ninja Warrior experience and Ninja Warrior Obstacle Summer Camp in NWA! Your Ninjas will spend 2 hours a day for 5 days working closely with our coaches to hone in on their Ninja skills. They'll start each day with active stretching and conditioning, move into specific obstacle training, design their own obstacle courses to run with the lights and sounds of their favorite TV show (including the buzzer on top of the warped wall!), and play awesome Ninja games that will keep them moving and having ridiculous amounts of FUN! Our ninjas are bound to leave exhausted but itching to return the next day! A Flip Side Summer Camp T-shirt will be included with each registration!

Sign up before June 20th to guarantee a Summer Camp T-shirt.


**GIRLS ONLY WEEK!** Woohoo! July 23rd - 27th at Flip Side Ninja Park will focus on empowering our female athletes - physically, mentally, and emotionally. We'll spend lots of time conquering the obstacles and running different courses, but this is the only week that we'll also have inspiring female athlete guest speakers and time for talking about and working on ways we can boost our self esteem, encourage those around us, and demonstrate the awesome strength that we possess as Flip Side's Female Ninjas!
*Guest speakers in the works - but they are AWESOME!

Schedule: M-F 10am-12pm (6 - 8 Years Old) | M-F 1pm-3pm (9-14 Years Old)

July 2nd-6th

July 9th-13th

July 16th-20th

July 23-27th*


Sign up before May 15th - $150

Sign up before June 15th - $165

June 15th - $175

Please reserve a spot early!


Are you ready to be a Flip Side Ninja?! This 12 week class is designed to take our youngest ninjas from beginners to obstacle masters! To become a true Flip Side Ninja, our junior ninjas must complete our stages (just like the tv show!).  Our instructors will guide each ninja through various exercises, basic parkour/freerunning techniques, and obstacles to lay a strong foundation of skills to build on week by week. Every few weeks the ninjas will be tested on stage challenges, and awarded for completion.

The 12 week session includes: 1 instructed class per week. We will have an hour every Saturday available for extra stage testing (class sizes will be limited, so schedule early!). Every ninja will receive a T-shirt and a FSNP Sticker. Each Ninja will be awarded a new FSNP wrist band for completing stages 1-3 (tested weeks 4, 8, and 12). There will also be stage 4 challenges for those who complete the semester and wish to join our Advanced Ninjas/Competitive team classes. They will get a special t-shirt that can only be earned!


2018 Back to School Semester: July 30th - Oct 20th (12 weeks / $225)

2018 Fall Semester: Oct 22nd - Jan 12th (11 weeks / $206)

2019 Winter Semester: January 14th - April 6th (12 weeks / $225)

20% off for 2nd child
30% off for 3rd child

*This is the only class we offer to get the full ninja warrior experience!*



As everyone knows, the weather can be crazy here! If we are unable to open the gym due to weather, the class skills and obstacles that were missed will be integrated into the following week class period. If the gym is able to open and you are unable to safely make it in, we will do our best to fit the student into a similar age group class during the same week. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for up to the minute information on any closures.


We will offer a FULL REFUND to all new ninjas who decide within the first two weeks that this class is not for them. Beyond that, this class is a 12-week commitment as we cannot add new students later in the semester since the curriculum progresses with each class.


Our Junior Ninja Intro class is for kids who want to see what the ninja warrior lifestyle is like. The class will focus on the basics of jumping, swinging, balance, and the youth sized Warped Wall.  *This class is for beginners only, and will only slightly change week to week*

Ages: 5 to 13

Pricing: $15
Please reserve a spot early!



Our Advanced Flip Side Ninjas class is for our ninjas that have completed all 3  stages of our our Flip Side Ninja program and still want a challenge! This class is designed to continue to safely push our ninjas to their limits, and beyond! They will train on several of the top level obstacles not taught during the Flip Side Ninjas semester due to their difficulty level. Any ninja interested must have good upper body strength that we can build on throughout the class. The ninjas will be able to train to complete our ultimate goal of reaching stage 4 and will be awarded a special t-shirt!


The Flip Side Ninja Team will select the best of the best of our Junior Ninjas to be on our competitive team where we'll travel to nearby ninja competitions held by the National Ninja League or Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association. The Ninja Team classes will be a mix of adult team members and junior team members designed to push our ninja's skill levels to the edge for the maximum competitive edge.  Each ninja will receive a Flip Side Ninja competition team t-shirt with their registration.