About Us

Welcome to Flip Side Ninja Park, where you’ll find the perfect gym to test your ninja skills, enjoy a fun alternative workout, or provide some safe entertainment and fitness for the kids! Have you ever found yourself sitting on the couch watching American Ninja Warrior and thinking, “Man, I’d love to try that!”? Well, now you can! You’ll find many of the familiar obstacles (like the infamous Warped Wall) plus a vast array of never-before-seen and ever-changing obstacles to challenge yourself in new ways with every visit. Not really an athlete? No Problem! We have something for every skill set – from total beginners to full-blown ninjas - and all of our coaches cannot wait to help you have a blast while challenging yourself and reaching new goals. Flip Side is truly a place for every age, every shape and size. We can’t wait to see you!

We're a veteran-owned family business, and we want you to be a part of our adventure. You’ll be treated like family here, not just another number.

Give us a shout or check out our classes page for information on all that we offer for different age groups, including birthday parties, aerial and acrobatics, open gym, and more!

Our staff

Caleb Benson is a 10 year veteran of the USCG and now the owner/operator of Flip Side Ninja Park. He's ready to share his passion for loving life and fitness with you! Caleb has been an extreme athlete for many years with experience base jumping, sky diving, mountain biking, OCR running, and blasting through ninja warrior competitions.  He's ready to help guide you through this exciting new world of fitness! Caleb currently holds certifications as a USA Gymnastics instructor, and a level 1 & 2 instructor with the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF).

Coach Nate Reynolds is all about making working out fun for you and the entire family here at Flip Side. He's no stranger to coaching, or the fitness world with several years' experience in the gym and a level 1 & 2 certification with the World Freerunning & Pakour Federation (WFPF). For years Nate sat in a traditional gym lifting weights, and obsessing about his numbers every single week. After visiting a few ninja gyms, Nate's passion for crushing obstacles changed his view on fitness. You can become incredibly fit by having a lot of fun, and he wants to share that passion with you!

Emily Benson eats, sleeps, and breathes fun & functional fitness!  She's ready to share that love with you! Emily's love for fitness started at a young age, but turned into a passion when she joined an aerial arts youth circus in high school. Through this opportunity she quickly learned that she never wanted to step foot inside a traditional gym with rows and rows of machines, but instead find ways to stay active and healthy that felt like fun, not work. If you don't see her behind the front desk at Flip Side, she's probably hanging on the silks, doing some acro with Caleb, or bouncing around the obstacle course.

Coach Lynda Godfrey lives each day by the statement, "Movement is medicine." She's the Assistant to the Rogers School Athletic Director by day, and a Crossfit coach, Yogi, and mom to four girls by night. Back in 2000 she began learning about yoga and all of its benefits. As she got deeper into her practice, she has grown stronger and become more flexible – in body and mind. Lynda fully believes that yoga helps those who practice it to live fearlessly, to breathe through difficulty, and to use forward momentum to overcome obstacles – all of which she plans to bring to her Flip Side classes.

Coach James Pierce has a personal drive for challenge and excellence and is drawn to American Ninja Warrior style activities, a program that embodies the spirit of personal betterment. Utilizing that competitive dream, he has pushed his limits in obstacle course races and ninja competitions in our surrounding area. Coach Pierce’s goal is to impart his experience and passion to assist a new generation to challenge themselves into becoming “Obstacle Ninjas” with a sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and a helping hand mentality toward their fellow man.